Bedouin Soundclash Brings The Energy, Doesn't Skimp on the Goodies

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Performing in San Francisco last Tuesday, for the first time in years, Bedouin Soundclash rocked out at Slim's to an eager audience. The show drew people of all ages, including older couples, groups in their 30s and 40s, and even families with young children. 

The opening band, Gyasi Went Home, really got the concert going, after which the Soundclash played several songs from their newest album, "Light The Horizon" (released Sep. 28). They also shared a healthy dose of their older goodies. It was the Soundclash's first time performing with their new drummer, Sekou Lumumba, a man who beat out complicated rhythms as easily as strolling through the park. Lumumba brought a special vibe to the show, and the two other band members said they have much respect for his work.

Later, they played a song that vocalist Jay Malinowski said bassist Eon Sinclair wrote a long time ago, and was "a cover of one of the songs Sekou wrote while he was a member of his previous band." This song featured a 5-minute drum solo that had the audience grooving and shaking until the end. Bedouin Soundclash played a reggae song, then a few more from their albums, old and new. 

The show was short, only an hour and half onstage, but with a wide range of music. The bassist switched between three different basses, and the guitars ranged from an acoustic-electric (for 12:15 lullaby) to heavier-hitting instruments for other songs. Altogether, the show was a different sort of concert experience, and Bedouin Soundclash is definitely a band to watch.

EBAC thanks Bedouin Soundclash for access to this show.

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