Noah Zaves, Executive Editor: After four years of college journalism (as a reporter, News Editor, Opinions Editor, and Editor in Chief), Noah decided to apply his cultural background to journalism. His main research area, the contemporary American cultural experience, dramatically changes the way that Noah experiences local events, and he's proud of the opportunity to share this perspective with EBAC's readership. Find out more:

Gary Jaffe, Music Editor: Gary's interests range wide, from theater to massage, and cooking to environmentalism. But throughout his life, he has always been an avid student of music. His first elementary school clarinet lessons blossomed into an advanced analysis of music and musicians. Instead of simply enjoying a performance, Gary asks why the audience is moved, and how the musicians have chosen to interpret their music. When he's not studying music, Gary leads the Green Campus movement at Diablo Valley College.

Jordan Hopstone, Sports Editor: Hockey is Jordan's first love, but he also has a talent for examining the role of sports in Bay Area culture, and the role of culture in Bay Area sports. Through his formal training in education and communication, Jordan discovered that the key to cultural comprehension is to understand the people and events around you. This unique perspective informs each of Jordan's reviews, making him the East Bay's favorite sports columnist.

Joel Zaves, Culinary Specialist: Since his college years making grilled cheese on Lafayette St. in Greenwich Village, Joel has evolved into a talented and distinguished culinary specialist. His impeccable taste for fine food combines with his endless creativity in the kitchen, resulting in an endlessly-entertaining, tremendously-informative series of articles about the Bay Area's most innovative culinary offerings.

Liana Walters, Culture Editor: Liana's American Ethnic Studies minor contributed to her unique and refreshing perspective on the Bay Area's unparalleled culture scene. Formally trained in Rhetoric and Media Studies, Liana understands why cultural events impact attendees, and she enjoys interpreting such complexities for EBAC readers.

Maia Wolins, Fine Arts Correspondent: Maia is a UC Berkeley student working towards a bachelor's degree in Middle Eastern Studies and a minor in Dance and Performance Studies. Maia has also been a student of piano since the age of 4, and has been a performer all her life. She is Co-Chief Editor of Vagabond, UCB's Multilingual Literary Journal, and is an avid fan of live artistic performance. She can be reached at

Debra Marx, Food Editor: From the hills of San Francisco to the valleys of Illinois, Debra has tasted the finest foods and sipped the most distinctive cocktails. She's always had a passion for expensive delicacies, while retaining her affinity for simple, local delights. As a shopper, cook, diner, and culinary explorer, Debra is always able to experience her meal from every possible perspective.

Jacqueline Bergman, Spirits Editor: Nothing electrifies a culinary experience more than a fine spirit, and nobody enjoys a fine spirit more than Jacqueline. Her years of high-class, including more than a few lofty international jobs, have endowed her with a creative eye (and a discerning palette) for libations. Her credits include cocktails, California wines, and the occasional beer, but only if it's classy.

Natalie Wendt, Culture Correspondent: As a student at College of Santa Fe in New Mexico, Natalie watched classmates dance around naked, covered in honey, and listened to them play bicycles parts as musical instruments. Inspired, she performed trapeze acts with the Femme-o-lition Derby during 2005 and 2006. Since finishing college she's traveled extensively and taught elementary school. Finally settled in the East Bay, Natalie is now a freelance writer and blogs for Learn more at her website:

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