Peter Wolf Electrifies Yoshi's on Oct. 2

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Peter Wolf, who was recently nominated to be in the rock and roll hall of fame, puts on a performance with electricity.

With a voice reminiscent of Bob Dylan combined with the raspy quality of Tom Waits, Wolf wooed the audience on Oct. 2nd at Yoshi's in San Francisco. He filled the night with blues, jazz, and rock and roll. All the bases were covered with a five-member band: two guitars, bass, drum and keyboards, and the lap-steel guitar came out for a few songs.

He is electric, and he is bluesy, but most of all, he enjoys what he does. Wolf played some songs off of his upcoming release "Midnight Souvenirs." But when his old songs came out, some people got up from their seats to join in the dancing.

Hugh Laurie - star of TV's House - said on Inside the Actors Studio that if he could have any profession besides actor, he would be a rock and roll star. Well, Peter Wolf skipped being an actor and jumped right in, and it is apparent in all that he does. Wolf truly loves performing rock and roll, and if he could have any other profession, he'd probably still play rock and roll.

He had some good banter with the audience between sets, telling stories from the road that would make any party-going rock and roller want to hang out with him. He introduced his fellow musicians, and showcased their talents, especially the guitar and keyboard, with lengthy and complex solos in which he visibly participated, rolling around on stage and jerking to the rhythm.

Wolf is friendly, and even signed a large poster of himself that an audience member hoisted on stage. At 64, he looks good, and moves with the energy of someone half his age. It's that pure electric energy, and a love for his music, that keeps him going.

EBAC thanks Peter Wolf for access to this concert.

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