The Raver Survival Guide: etdPOP 2010 Edition

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A good rave has many key elements. There is the sharing. Sharing space, sharing body heat, and sharing germs. Sharing lights, feelings, emotions and energy. Another element of a good rave is giving. Whether it's high fives to the people in their seats, or a good massage to someone who looks a little in need. Giving is the spice of the party at a techno concert, and the more you give, as the old adage goes, the more you get. Alongside the actions of sharing and giving, there is the acceptance of our fellow human beings that is so lacking in the modern world, and is so taken for granted in its abundance in these scenes.

Last Saturday's etdPOP 2010 event was not missing any of these essentials. From the beginning of the evening around 3:00 pm, until late into the night when the walls started sweating, there was sharing, giving and acceptance in plenty. The night was different from modern rave-scenes because the event organizers decided to do something different - they brought the style and feel back to its original roots, housing the entire eleven-hour concert in a single room, with one stage, and one band performing at a time. 

This setup was unlike any techno concert I had ever experienced. Not only did it unify the attendees in a way that cannot be accomplished in a multi-stage event, but the performers themselves played with a certain flare and spirit that can only be accomplished by knowing that they are the center of attention.

And literally they were the center of attention. With a single stage, completely surrounded by a dance floor, and with a round light projector above (and a revolving stage to boot), the vibe from the audience must have been felt full-throttle (Charlie's Angels 2-style). Add in 20,000 or so people and a lineup hand-selected for awesomeness, and you have yourself one hell of a night.

Infected Mushroom was in top form for the evening, playing some old favorites and some new twists. I got the impression that they were taking some liberties with their sound that night, and playing what they wanted to play, not just what the audience was wishing to hear. It was nice to hear them break out of their box a little bit and venture into an area that they felt was right, instead of catering to the influences of the audience which can sometimes drain from a performance.

And now, for a check-list of this candy store for the senses:

·         Bring: Earplugs

·         Optional: A dance partner

·         FYI: a good group always has an even number of people, because the buddy system is key (this is also where the dance partner comes in)

·         Always: Hydrate (Buying one water bottle, or sneaking an empty one in, is all you need. Refilling the water several times during the night is not only the smart thing to do, but it gives you an excuse to change the scenery and go on a mission.)

·         Dress Code: Look in your closet, and find all the single items that you most want to wear but never could wear them together for reasons of practicality. Wear them.

·         And always remember: Share, Give, and Accept. Thank you.


EBAC thanks etdPOP 2010 for access to this event.

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