This Saturday: Live-Action Techno Group "Second Sun" in SF!

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Second Sun isn't like every other electronic/dance act out there. Lead singer (yes, he sings) Antoine was practically bursting with energy as he explained Second Sun's show. "We're a live act," he said. "When we're onstage, we're playing our own songs and remixes, and we're playing them live, just as a rock back would make songs and then play them live onstage."

Antoine explained that their live show gets pretty crazy, "especially after being cooped up in the studio," because they're actually playing keyboards and triggering sequences in real time. Their show even includes live vocals, which is highly unusual in the techno genre.

Saturday's show will also feature some special tracks that aren't on Second Sun's records. "We like to make the live show special," Antoine said. "In our live show, we play some stuff that's never been released, and probably never will be." Antoine said to look out for a remix of ACDC's Thunderstruck, and a bootleg remix of MIA. He said that beyond licensing issues, Second Sun likes keeping some special songs for their lives performances. "People beg us to find a way to get it released," Antoine said, "but for us, we love the idea of it being exclusive to the show."

Come see Second Sun this Saturday, Sep. 25, at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco. Tickets are available here for $15, and the show begins at 10 pm. 21+

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